meet the maker. article #1

Someday Collective is all about collaborating with other brands, makers, and artisans to reconnect makers with conscious buyers. When I came across LaSierra, I felt an instant shared connection with our purpose.

Let me introduce you to Don Luis. Luis is the maker of our range of Alpaca blend throw blankets. 

Don Luis owns and runs a small weaving workshop and employs  3-4 other people.

Based in the Andes Mountains in the North of Ecuador,(pictured below) they use traditional wooden handlooms and some other hand-operated looms to weave their magic into the classic alpaca blanket.

The Australian-based brand La Sierra has worked closely with Luis to bring these beautiful products to Australia. The story they share about how they found Luis is one worth reading, and I have shared this with you below.

After a year of working in Ecuador, our local associate Renè and I were dissatisfied with our initial supplier and began searching for a new artisan to collaborate with. We returned to the bustling marketplace in the North of Ecuador where we had found our original supplier, but this time we were returning, not as tourists, but having more experience in business and knowing exactly what we were looking for. In a market full of hundreds of people, we saw this man with a beautiful smile and peaceful energy and made our way over to say hi to him. He took us to his home for our first meeting and it was here we started showing him pictures of the products that we wanted to create with him.

Surprisingly, he already knew the products because it turned out he had been the one making them the whole time! We had not known we had been dealing with someone who was just a middle-man.

We thought this was quite a magical experience and laughed about the chances of meeting our current maker in a marketplace full of so many people. It felt like a very meant-to-be moment and from that time on we have had a direct relationship with this humble and honest man. 

Since 2017, the brand has had the pleasure of working with Don Luis and witnessing his growth, both personally and professionally. Over the years, his family has expanded, his business has thrived, and he has even renovated his house and added an extension. 

*Extract from La Sierra website.

We are so thrilled to retail La Sierra products, it is through brands like this, that we can further promote the work of artisans and re-imagine the connection between maker and customer.

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness"

- Gandhi