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how to..styling tips. post #1

how to..styling tips. post #1

Is it common to agonise over whether to put something IN the pretty vase. Or leave it empty? I hope so because I do it all the time! 

I love vases. You only need to look at the product pages to see this, but when styling I always wonder “should I put something IN this vase”? It is the purpose after all, right? I must admit that I do love an empty vase - the right statement vase doesn't need anything else. I’ve learned though that the trick is to balance and create artful interest. I tend to do this by having some full, some a little full, maybe just one flower, and some nothing at all.

Some of the vases we have here at Someday are statement pieces on their own, and when clustered together on a mantle or side table they don’t need much else. Maybe one with a dried flower arrangement, but when together an assortment of artisan-made pieces can be a sculptural art piece that doesn’t need anything else. The trick is to have a mixture of complementary textures, colours, and sizes.

A large vase though as a centerpiece on a dining table will look great with a statement bunch of dried or fresh flowers. And if it’s a tall vase, sculptural branches will look amazing.

Hope this ode to you all about to fill or not to fill has helped you a little, we will continue to grow our range of vases at Someday and as we do, I will share lots of different styling tips and photos to help guide you on how to create different looks in your own home with beautifully sculptured artisan crafted vases.

"Less is more. Texture & scale is essential.”

- Trip Haenisch

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