our brand

Someday Collective was created out of a love for home styling, and an evolving awareness about the impact mass produced home furnishings and decorative items were having on our environment.

We all love a good bargain, however, in today’s consumer market, we are flooded with options, often products that are mass produced by large companies who seek to make as much volume as possible at the lowest price possible.

It was this growing social concious, coupled with a frustration of feeling like I was seeing the same vase, or product over and over again. I wanted unique & quality styling pieces for my home, pieces that told a story, and where I felt connected to the person who created it.

We exist to make it easier for our customers to make purchasing decisions they can feel good about. We believe that eco-materials, sustainable products, and ethical processes can also equal stylish, high-end interiors and homewares.

We have partnered with artisans, socially & eco conscious businesses from all around the world who share our vision to bring you a new choice, a choice you know you can feel good about. A choice that is good for people & planet.

Thank you for joining us – let’s be the change! 

what we care about

Cultural art has existed since the beginning of time, and artisans, have maintained their heritage skills through generations. Unfortunately, design-for-the-masses has taken over most of the world and the connection for
many of us between design and maker has been lost.

It’s re-imagining this connection that inspires us. In particular, the connection to the products
so many diverse artisans around the world are creating. From artisans practicing their heritage craft to new socially conscious brands bringing their designs to life using new technology & ethical practices.

By connecting the everyday buyer with artisans & innovative design brands around the world, we can have genuine impact for people and planet.

our promise to you.

We are dedicated to social responsibility at every step of our supply chain. We purchase in small batches and use sustainable and compostable packaging for all our products.

We seek to learn about the brands and the makers we purchase from and ensure they are like-minded socially conscious brands. Everyone we choose to work with shares our brand values.